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Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson stick to Squad 3 to the establishing, just where the two pick a wounded male and commence using practices

Leslie Elizabeth Shay was a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61, using alongside Gabriela Dawson. Shay are destroyed inside series of responsibility into the Season 3 premiere Real Never delays. She was actually depicted by Lauren German.

Leslie was a lesbian, something Peter Mills found if the different firefighters secret him or her into making a pass at the woman. She was once in a three-year connection with a lady known as Clarice Carthage, who fundamentally put the woman to get married with a kid with an affluent dude. This has promoted the devotion troubles she has. She originally came from Firehouse 87.


  • 1 Season 2
  • 2 Death of Leslie Shay
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Season 2 [ alter | revise provider ]

In “a pain in the neck Call”, she and Dawson recognized as to Darryl, a typical caller’s, premises to help him with his insulin injections, some thing he could easily perform on his own. They’re both upset at him, so he is undoubtedly infatuated with Shay. He takes out a gun in the exact middle of the call, and Dawson tries to receive your to place it along by yelling at him or her, but Leslie produces a different sort of approach, informing him or her that this tart’s crazy about him or her way too, in addition they can visit elope in Sin City if the man tosses down the firearm. Each of their particular solutions give up so he shoots themselves into the brain while in front of all of them, blood flow splattering over all of these people. This impacts on Shay and Dawson in different ways, with Shay growing to be despondent and reserved, leading to a disagreement where Dawson pulls list and they both maintain their own relationship over.

She’s eventually noticed drunkard with Otis, stating it had been big which he settled in, and laughs with your until she begins sobbing. Otis believes maintain her malfunction key from Severide, and she moves away.

Loss of Leslie Shay [ change | edit starting point ]

In regard to the episode: “actual never ever Waits”.

Fundamental Boden’s wedding ceremony are disrupted when Firehouse 51 is known as to an establishing fire. Shay and Dawson heed team 3 to the constructing, just where the two find a wounded mens and begin providing worry. Dawson informs Shay to consider top honors while doing this circumstances since she would really need to be responsible after Dawson makes, triggering them to switch areas. Soon after these people alter spots, Dawson say Shay about Casey’s possible proposition. Shay admits discover concerning this, and while doing this discussion, an explosion takes place in the building itself. A collapsing pipeline fatally strikes Shay about mind while Dawson brings blown in return. As soon as Severide arrives on world, they perceives Dawson doing torso compressions on Shay and leaps inside help. Despite their particular initiatives, Shay fundamentally gives out.

It is later on realized that Shay was killed by a man who was simply stalking their, Adrian Gish, which also arranged the flames that injured Wallace Boden and killed Ross McGowan and Henry Mills 20 years previously. The plot line within the occurrence “true Never delays” try as well as the summer season 3 occurrence 13 “Three Bells”, that is a crossover with Chicago P.D. month 2 Episode 13.

Special quotations [ change | alter starting point ]

  • (To Mills): “Peter Mills, are you homosexual? Because I am just.”
  • (To Dawson): “it isn’t too late to modify clubs.”
  • (To Kelly about Clarice): “Turns out, I may bring overestimated the lesbianism.”
  • (To Dawson about Mills): “Ugh. Marry your.”

  • (In flashback of Kelly): ” are actually all of us becoming peaceful? Were all of us are really serious ((with lisp)) “
  • (Kelly about Shay): “Shay rode on 61. She was actually the main DNA for this firehouse. She was actually our very own pal. Really unique blood in 51 these days, soon the folks which never knew Shay are gonna outnumber many of those whom do. And additionally they should know whose shade they can be walking in.”

Performances [ alter | modify resource ]

Shay can be noticed during period 3 through flashbacks, chiefly from Kelly. (Always, Call-it Paradise, I Am the Apocalypse)

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