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Musl, pronounced like text “mussel” or “muscle”, is a “libc”, an utilization of the conventional library functionality described within the ISO C and POSIX criteria, plus common extensions, built on the top of Linux program dubs API.

As kernel governs use of hardware, memory, filesystems, together with the advantages for obtaining these sources, libc accounts for:

giving C bindings for that OS user interface

creating higher-level buffered stdio, mind allocation management, line production and synchronisation functions, contributed library running, and many others with the lower-level user interface the kernel offers

applying the clean archive strategies of the C communication like strstr , snprintf , strtol , exp , sqrt , etc.

musl features background and progress beginnings returning to 2005, but was actually named and initially revealed as musl in 2011, as an option to glibc and uClibc with a bold aim to get to know the requirements of both little embedded software and common desktops and computers.

Since 2012, musl is licensed underneath the permissive MIT permit.

Secret Axioms


The easier signal is definitely, the a lesser amount of space it has for insects, and the less expensive it is actually for making important adjustment if they are involved. Ease of use does direct normally to best rule reasonably-good results. musl prefers easy methods over more complicated type unless there is a compelling explanation to accomplish otherwise. musl likewise favors reducing abstractions, maintaining signal as self-contained/uncoupled as you are able to. This can make they legible (although often dense) and size-efficient if static-linked.

Source results

Scaling very well “as n goes toward 0” can count the maximum amount of or even more than scaling “as n goes toward ?”. Concept around this concept started with stuck and low-end personal desktop computers in your mind, but ended up holding musl (and similar distributions) to prominence in container deployment revolution.

From not enough big inner coupling between libc parts, stationary connecting with musl brings in little or no code that tool isn’t actually utilizing. Minimum static-linked binaries may under 10 kB of rule, regardless of posts, and also valuable software can be under 50 kB.

The standard of minimal consistent cost applies to runtime site eating aswell. libc’s own global information size is kept no more than feasible – under 8k, and potentially notably less if static linking. For powerful connecting, all functions is within one particular provided archive document (than becoming divide across libm , libpthread , librt , etc.) to ensure that there is per-component storage and business time period overhead.

Section of musl’s scaling “as n goes toward 0” may be the capability to run on small stacks, making styles regarding a lot of threads functional even yet in resource-constrained areas.

Focus upon correctness

musl was the best Linux libc to possess mutexes safe to use inside reference-counted pieces, the first ever to have condvars where newly-arrived waiters cannot take wake functions from earlier waiters, while the initial having using line termination without battle problems creating resource-leak or double-close. All of these were requirement regarding the specification that have been ignored by different implementations, and receiving these people appropriate was actually a consequence of careful scanning of these specs.

musl’s complete progress history has-been an activity of looking through criteria, getting clarifications once corner cases aren’t properly protected, and proceeding with careful attention once employing functionality which is underspecified.

Security under website fatigue

Element of correctness will never be in for a poor circumstance without having way-out. musl constantly reserves budget for a surgical procedure before committing to they, supporting away if information usually are not offered. Low-memory or any other resource tiredness circumstances should never be lethal; they are often trapped (supposing a no-overcommit technique construction) at a spot wherein they can be reported, permitting the program to take care of these people mainly because it considers in shape.

Generally speaking, musl avoids unnecessary vibrant allocation, and contains no active allowance whatsoever in code trails where reporting problems on the caller is certainly not the possibility.

Simple preparation

musl’s MIT certificate works with all FOSS licenses, static-linking-friendly, and tends to make professional use uncomplicated. Binaries statically related to musl have no outside dependencies, actually for features like DNS lookups or figure fix conversion rates which are executed with compelling loading on glibc. A software really can end up being implemented as just one binary data and run-on any device with all the proper teaching set construction and Linux kernel or Linux syscall ABI emulation level.

Top-notch assistance for UTF-8/multilingual book

From before musl am musl, treatment of all words as UTF-8, and remedy for non-ASCII heroes as first-class, got a main must. No additional location applications or conversion process modules are required to work UTF-8 or query properties of absolute Unicode figures. Actually musl’s getopt enables haphazard Unicode characters used as possibilities.

DNS assistance for non-ASCII fields (IDN) will never be complete yet but will likely be reinforced as time goes by.

Localization features, an associated but different matter, is usually now minimal but planned for big innovations.

Getting started

With all the musl-gcc (or musl-clang ) wrapper transported with musl supply, it is possible on x86 Linux as well as other famous archs to gauge musl and build simple C applications by repurposing one’s body’s current glibc-based toolchain. For more higher level utilization concerning libraries or C++, though, a dedicated corner toolchain or constructing in a musl-based circulation is advised. Facts can be located to the community wiki’s beginning page.

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