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Undersecretaries Associate Secretaries Agency and Services Directors Local Directors Education Unit Superintendents Consumer Elementary and Supplementary Institutes Mind All Others Stressed

1. The office of studies (DepEd) issues the encased Pointers regarding the exchange of Learners’ Faculty information, which confirms standard functions and methodologies regarding the ask, and release of students’ Form 137 (long lasting tape) and version 138 (state cards) in every public colleges all over the country.

2. This policy is designed to ensure the clean and effective seeking and launching of students’ class record without inconveniencing the students and parents.

3 casual sex dating app. All DepEd requirements and other related issuances, regulations, and arrangements, that are inconsistent using this rules, are hereby repealed, rescinded, or modified consequently.



I. Reason

There are two fundamental college information that show the learner’s page and scholastic and extra-curricular rankings: Form 137, referred to as the fixed track record, which contains the learner’s profile and historic academic tape, and version 138 and the Report cards showing the scholastic show of a learner in a given college annum. DepEd Arrange Number 8, s. 2015, the class analysis strategy, supplied the principles of the expertise to be involved in types 137 and 138.

Kind 138 happens to be distributed to Grades 1 to 10 learners every grading period while score 11 to 12 will receive it every stop semester. Following the school spring, version 138 happens to be a required report for a learner entering to the next cattle degree because it additionally show the learner’s promotional level. Whereas, school bodies request the discharge of Form 137 of marks 1 to 12 students which exchange to some other class or changeover from basic to second.

Within the absence of conclusive practices, the entire process of asking for and delivering of official university files of learners ranges per faculty. This rules shall determine the operations is used because of the college in controlling the learner’s class documentation when students register, shift educational institutions, and request pertinent documentation for other people relevant requirements.

II. Scope with the Approach

This purchase aims to build standard processes and methodologies inside the demand and release of students’ Form 137 (Permanent history) and kind 138 (document credit) to all classes and schooling section workplaces (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Concise Explanation Of Keywords

  1. Kind 137 (long-term report) – long lasting university student record demonstrating the famous educational and co-curricular history associated with the learner
  2. Version 138 (document cards) – document featuring the educational overall performance of a learner in a given college year
  3. Obtaining School – the college requesting towards long-lasting record of a transferring learner
  4. Coming School – the school delivering the lasting files of a moving student

IV. Insurance Policy Statement

The division hereby build the standard activities and methods in seeking and releasing of learner’s college documents. This procedure adheres to the DepEd’s dream, objective and center prices and signs up for the axioms of:

a. absolutely free, quality standard education;

b. Clearness and liability;

c. convenience and timely discharge of students’ school records; and

d. Safeguards and confidentiality of students’ data.

Guidelines on Learner’s University Record

This policy defines the regular standards inside the move of students’ college information. This strategy highlights the activities in asking for the long lasting college record (version 137) for an efficient transfer of papers without inconveniencing the mother and father and the students.

So that the efficient production and shift of learners’ school files, the following shall be discovered:

a. The pass of record of learners must made easy and fast without encumbering the students and father and mother. But this would not just compromise the privacy and protection of class files.

b. obtaining classes shall protected all long-term Records (Form 137) ly incoming students before the terminate of initial grading time period. For transferred-in learners during the university season, shift of records will be protected thirty days (30) from first-day of class attendance.

c. Learners and/or their mom or guardian may not be allowed to hand-carry the lasting record (version 137) with the obtaining university.

d. In the event of unavailability of type 137 considering circumstances beyond the controls, the review on marketing promotions (University version 5) can be utilized as replace, you’ll find within classes Division workplace (SDO).

elizabeth. The student Information process (LIS) will be made use of as platform in need and discharge of learner class documents; thus the deal shall stringently feel within the acquiring and coming facilities simply.

All of the following surgery must certanly be adopted to improve the demand and launch procedure:

A. School-to-School Shift of Version 137

The majority of transactions on transfer of learner’s class history ordinarily result during enrolment duration and following starting of course. To assist in the sleek and quick shift of documents, the flowchart below talks of the procedure of need and release of students’ version 137between the receiving faculty and coming class;

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