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The Goblin Cage is a defensive card that is especially effective against an enemy Ram Rider or Hog Rider. If used right, the Goblin Cage can also take down an enemy Mega Knight. The miner helps set you up for a quick easy counter push against your opponent and should be played a lot like the miner in deck 4. The bandit, if played right, will constantly be applying pressure to your opponent and chip the HP of the tower away. This deck is less of a beat down and focuses more on chip damage and playing strong defense when you take the lead. Fire spirits popping up again in this deck because they are so strong with the recent buff and offer so much elixir value.

This trio has seen a revival after they were moved back to 9 elixir and their deploy time was changed. The new 3M decks are heavily reliant on Fireball Bait, and now feature Hunter and Royal Hogs. Miner is an extremely good card, but his evaluation is based on decks that he is the card that does most of the damage, like Miner Control. These decks aren’t very popular right now due to his damage nerf. Bait decks have continued to be extremely popular, and the one with Knight and Inferno Tower has been around for around 3 years.

Love The Update Except For Ui Change Of Chest .. Which Was Addressed!

Now more than ever, dead weight on your roster can really hurt you. If members become inactive, those that remain have to work that much harder to offset the lost Crown production. It takes 1600 Crowns to reach Chest Tier 10, and you have 3 days to do it. With an ideal Clan of 50 members, thats 32 Crowns per member, or an average of just a little more than 10 per day. That may not sound like much (and it isn’t really), but if your Clan is anything like mine there may be a decent number of members that can’t produce that many consistently. Worse yet, in bigger Clans you never know how many will just completely no-show.

  • Splash cards – As the name suggests, these cards can damage multiple targets at once .
  • This is the time where you need to be fast in reacting.
  • Wild Cards can be used to upgrade a card Download Clash Royale APK for Android as per the player’s liking.
  • It is mainstream in-game cash, which is utilized for purchasing premium things in Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and numerous different games.

But no matter how good your deck is, there’s no substitute for skill and quick thinking. After several days of active play you can reach level 5, but the higher levels seem to require unreasonable lengths of time for a non-paying player. Level 8 requires ~2 months, level 9 ~4 months – even at optimal play speed. Not to mention levels 10-12, which are simply unfeasable. “Gold” and “crown” chests are the next tier of chests.

How To Improve Your Decks

He is flexible for both defense and counter-attacks, but is vulnerable to high damage. Not only are his massive hitpoints the highest of any unit, he deals great damage and only targets buildings. Upon death, he explodes, splitting into 2 Golemites while dealing instant death damage to everything near him. Although he costs a hefty 8 Elixir, the Golem is a phenomenal tank. While her health and splash damage appear mediocre for 5 Elixir, she summons 4 Skeletons every 7 seconds to help distract & destroy, making her useful for defense and support. Fifteen skeletons for just 3 Elixir — this massive swarm can overwhelm single-target enemy units in the blink of an eye!

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