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The ICB utilizes the concept of genuine interests underneath the General information Protection Regulation (GDPR) because the appropriate foundation to collect and process your private and credit information.

The legitimate passions consist of supporting the full and accurate evaluation of loan requests, assisting to avoid over-indebtedness and supporting faster, consistent lending choices. You are able to find out more about what entitles the ICB to process your data that are personalpdf).

Consent for the loan provider to test your credit rating

Whenever you make an application for that loan, the lender must look at the Central Credit enroll in the event that loan is for €2,000 or even more. Loan providers also can check out the Central Credit enroll in the event that application for the loan is at under €2,000.

Your permission is not needed for lenders to test the Central Credit enter.

Individually, you may be asked to provide the loan provider authorization to test your credit rating on another database, for instance the ICB. Often, this permission is component of the agreement or contract when you initially make an application for that loan, that you are giving consent so you may not notice.

Just exactly exactly What information on you is held from the databases?

Credit information incorporating:

How far right straight right back does the information get?

Central Credit Enroll

No information about your credit rating before 30 2017 are held on the Central Credit Register june.

If financing had been released before June 2017 and ended up being nevertheless active on 30 June 2017, it had been reported towards the Central Credit enroll, with information at that date. This included the mortgage quantity, the amount that is outstanding missed re payments, if any.

Irish Credit Bureau

Information if you have had an active loan in the past 5 years and if your lender has provided information to the ICB about you is usually held on the ICB’s database.

The length of time is information held?

Information about your loan is held for five years on both the Central Credit enter as well as the ICB’s database. This period that is 5-year starts regarding the date that the mortgage is paid back.

Your credit history

How will you request your report?

It is possible to request your credit history at any time – see ‘How to apply’ below.

Will there be a payment for a study?

No. Your Central Credit enter and ICB credit file are free.

So what does your credit report appear to be?

You are able to go right to the Central Credit enter web site to see an example credit history and a reason of terms (pdf).

It is possible to go right to the ICB site for an example credit history (pdf).

Will there be a score or rating on the credit history?

Credit scoring or credit score is an approach which summarises your credit score status at a point that is particular time. Then you get a high score if you have a good record of repaying loans. If the payment record is poor, you obtain a score that is low. The only means to enhance your credit history is to enhance your payment record.

People in the ICB can ask for the credit rating or credit score that will be determined based on your credit score. You can examine your credit history as frequently as you love without impacting your credit rating.

The Central Credit join doesn’t currently score or grade credit history. Your lender is going to make a choice on the application for the loan predicated on their credit that is own policy.

Whom else have access to your credit history?

Only loan providers have access to your credit file. They might do this anytime:

No-one else, such as for example companies or landlords, can access your credit history regarding the Central Credit join or ICB’s database without your permission.

How will you understand that has looked over your report?

Your credit file will show each time a lender has viewed your details additionally the explanation they did therefore. This might be called a ‘footprint’ (Central Credit enter report) or ‘history of enquiries’ (ICB report). This means you will know that has looked over your credit file as soon as.

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