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I would file this beneath different fictional tales that have turn out to be mistaken for truth, like Joshua’s lacking day. As I really have stated hundreds of times, not solely can betting methods not beat games like craps, they can’t even dent the house edge. However, next time, make the line bets with odds solely, and don't guess the sector, especially if it pays 2 to 1 solely on both the 2 and 12. Unlike most playing writers, I don't put much emphasis on betting methods. Assuming the identical game and guess, there is no one right or incorrect strategy. They all behave in a different way within the brief run, however in the long run you will give the house the same percentage of total money wager. I can actually say that I truly have been enjoying this craps method for a yr now and over the long run I even have been profitable 60% of my bets with the casino paying me odds on the place bets.
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